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EverQuest 2
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EverQuest 2 is a old traditional, Role Playing MMO Game which now took the free to play path.

I want to say from the beginning that EverQuest 2 woke up very late to go to a free to play business plan and that why is not likely to succeed especially it is a relatively old game and is no longer very actual with the time period where we are today in terms of online Role Playing Games standards. If you ask me it would not have been too big of a loss if the game would not have become free to play especially since EverQuest 2 it was addresses to those players full of money but naive (stupid) enough to give their money on something that have not yet tested. But hey! who am I to judge them so I'll just summarize to this brief comment about the intelligence of those players who prefer to give money on paid in advance games.

EverQuest wasn't the first game of its kind when it was released back in 1999 but it deserves credit for popularizing the MMO Role Playing genre. As a result, the inevitable EverQuest 2 has some seriously big standards to achieve and it almost does but when you get right down to it EverQuest 2 is not that different from the numerous other games of its type. And further more isn't the massive step for the genre that its predecessor was, yes it can still be fun and addictive experience but that's about all this game can give. Make no mistake about it, EverQuest 2 is not the original title, it may take place in, essentially, the same world and feature some elements that rolled over from the original title and its many expansions, but this is a brand new game from Sony Online Entertainment.
The graphics engine is quite good, textures are decent, the water is unsurpassed for a MMORPG, the lighting is top notch, and character models have plenty of polygons.
Combat in EverQuest 2 is too simplistic, you target an enemy and initiate your auto attack which causes you and the foe to exchange hits until one of you dies. Combat is not become an active experience despite the presence of so many different spells and special abilities for each character class, are added the fact that the animation of characters are of a poor quality, repetitive and, often, the characters, happens to pass right through which other.
Overall "EverQuest 2" is an average quality game, maybe if they would release it free to play from the start would have been more likely to become a interesting game, but now, at this moment, is just another of dozen game noticed for nothing.



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