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Magic Nations
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Magic Nations is a Free 2 play, Collectible Card , Multiplayer Game featuring a gameplay based on logical thinking and adapting your game to battlefield conditions .

Jump into fantasy world of the Magic Nations. Grab your card deck and fight with your opponents from all over the world. The gameplay is based on logical thinking and adapting your game to battlefield conditions. Collect new powerful units, expand your deck with unique characters, and sell unnecessary cards! Let yourself be drawn into the wonderful feature line shown on the comic book.

Magic Nations is a card game with features the deployment of its troops in two rows and subsequent moves with its units until the opponent has no movement or capitulation!

The game world is inhabited by six races :

- beautiful and brave Amazons,

- cunning and wily Humans,

- courageous and warlike Dwarves,

- wise and eternal Elves,

- sinister and mysterious Necromancers,

- and strong and brutal Orks

Each of them has unique features that make the gameplay different. Find your favorite and become her master.

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