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Doctor Who - Worlds in Time
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Doctor Who - Worlds in Time is a Browser Based, Action MMO Game featuring a variety of collection of mini games.

Doctor Who Worlds in Time is inspired by famous TV series, with the same name. I, personally was not have the chance to watch all TV series but maybe it's better that way, not to be influenced in any way. The game begins, as is normal with character choosing followed by a few customization options and in the end choosing a name for the selected character, nothing special here. Doctor Who: Worlds in Time does not require any installation, it runs directly from browser, has a good looking 2D graphics, did not shines nor I expected to.

The actual Gameplay consists of a series of mini games which taken separately are to simplistic and with time a bit boring, I was expecting more, but to say that there might be an excuse that I can not see, anyway I will never understand why they chose this variant and have not made a whole game without interrupting it with childish little games especially as “Doctor Who: Worlds in Time” should be addressed to a more mature audience.

I do not know how many will be pleased with these mini games that you could think that they are original, well they are not! just another variations of old Tetris's and other old games like that. The game suffers from a severe lack of originality and that's why it is very difficult to me to recommend it to any other, serious player out there. I'm sorry for the game producer but I do not see the reason why they release this game, outside of economic reasons, of course or due to pressures from managers or publishers side.





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