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Fury Fables
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Fury Fables is a Android Free 2 play, Action Role-Playing Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring Hack and Slash Real-time combat and twitch gameplay .

Embark on the thrilling and risky journey in Fury Fables! The forces of Darkness have converged upon the last bastion of humanity. Necromancers, dragons, demons, orcs and the evil-like have surrounded the defenders of good and are on the verge of birthing an age of darkness. In times like these, scriptures talk of a prophesized warrior, one who would appear during this great plight to bring hope to all. YOU are that foretold warrior !

Game Features :

- Hack and Slash - Real-time combat and twitch gameplay bring you a wonderful feast of action-packed MMO role-playing game.

- MULTIPLAYER - Co-op Dungeons, 2v2 Arena and Guild war let you know that you will never be alone in this fury fable world!

- CASTLE DESIGN - Absolute unique feature of the game –design and build your own castle with variety of mechanism, obstacles and mercenaries to define your castle. Attack other’s castles to get epic loots!

- MERCENARY - Select and develop your mercenaries with different attributes and features to help you fight to defeat your fear and also the evil!


- Four careers, four destinies.

- Skills combination.

- Hundreds of dungeons are waiting for you to explore.

- New dark world full of freak creatures and hellish bosses.

- Nothing could be cooler than riding an fancy mount in the vast major city.

- Not only amazing events but wonderful gifts and rewards EVERY DAY!

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