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German WW2 Commando World War 2 FPS
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German WW2 Commando World War 2 FPS is a Free Android , Action Game featuring amazing 3D graphics war zone .

Serve the great Nation of Germany and Adolf Hitler.Your enemies are come and join hands together against you in war zone and these nations include American, British and Russians. Train your Army for this World War 2 sharp shooter, fight against them using heavy artillery and try your best to defeat this Allied forces.

Adolf Hitler was a veteran of World War I and wanted to make his nation one of the best in entire Europe which result in WW2. You as a German front line commando need to defend your country, show your sharp shooter and heavy artillery skills in battle zone. In this World War 2 Game, you can pick guns and ammo of your enemy in war zone, your enemy is fast and smart, they can take cover, sense fear, gun strike and can run off if you charge them. They are sharp shooter equipped with heavy machine gun and take soldiers in the battle zone.

There are 16 different levels or missions to complete in this World War 2 game which are :

1 Neutralize the enemy machine gunners

2 Rescue our injured soldier

3 Destroy the enemy artillery

4 Neutralize all enemies

5 Destroy Russian Missile Launcher

6 Kill the informant

7 Destroy enemy fuel supply

8 Destroy the enemy tanks

9 kill all the b-11 gunners

10 kill the general

11 Destroy the anti-aircraft machine gunner

12 kill the British navy officer

13 rescue the hostage etc.

Lead your Army in war zone to take on against the allied forces and defend their motherland. Test your skills in the battle zone of Germany, Italy, and France against them. Grab your WW2 equipment eliminates sharp shooters, heavy artillery, and sniper shooting. You can grab health packs and ammunition during your gun strike fight against these allied forces taking on your country. This WW2 frontline commando game includes different difficulty levels to play and enjoy the real experience of being a part of WW2 from the German side. You can select different Graphical setting according to your device. These include Low, Normal and Ultra (with Shadows). You got a large number of weapons to select from like Thomson, m1 grand, shotgun bar, Stengun, Panzershreck (Missile launcher), K98 and MP40, STG, FG42, MG42, PPSH, luger, and Springfield.

World War 2 Game Features :

- WW2 battle zone from German side

- Amazing 3D graphics war zone

- Large amount of weapons to select including heavy artillery

- 16 different levels to complete in this World War 2 game

- Localized Game play in your favorite Languages (English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish)

- Smooth controls to enjoy sniper shooting

- Totally free front line commando World War 2 game

Play as a German soldier and take down your entire enemy front line commando in this World War 2 and become one of the greatest powers of Europe. Defend the Nation, your country and Hitler in war zone.

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