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Rhombus CCG
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Rhombus is a Android Free-to-play , Strategy , Moblie Multiplayer Card Game featuring a unique dimensional battle system .

In a world of magic thrives a war between four powerful factions. Join one of the sides to your liking: the cunning Mystics - masters of the Air element, the brutal Alchemists - acolytes of fire, the darkwood Elves - protectors of the Earth, or the skilled Mages of the Northern Water clan. Unique dimensional battle system, various battlefields, four sides attacking cards will unveil your inner tactician and give you a range of opportunities to conquer the riches of this fantasy world.

Collect dozens of unit cards, support them with spell and weapon cards and various magic effects. Fuse cards to gain new ones, upgrade their stats and unlock superpowers. Develop your kingdom, build up your defenses and raid other payers` treasuries. Open up golden boosters in search for new powerful golden cards, which drastically improve your roster. Explore the global map in search for gold and rare loot.

Game Features :

- Real time crossplatform PvP battles.

- Become a master of positional fight and offensive tactics.

- Gather a powerful elemental deck, fuse cards and upgrade those you already have.

- Raid enemy garrisons and collect gold to power up your kingdom.

- Develop your kingdom`s defenses and create unique buildings.

- Unlock cards` superpowers, providing groundbreaking advantage in battles.

- Explore boundless world in search for treasures and epic loot.

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