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Clone Evolution Science Fiction Idle RPG
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Clone Evolution is a Free Android , Role-Playing Cyberpunk themed , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring Gene library, Super clones, mutants, and more ...

- Clone Evolution Science Fiction Idle RPG -

The most powerful gene library in history has been found! Super clones, mutants, and super powers continue to emerge. Hurry over to convene your own unique hero troops, and unite with players from around the world against the evil clone legion!

Game Features :

- Idle system - Chapter challenges automatically. Game offline can also result in generous awards. Training the clone army with one tap to developing the strongest star legion!

- Gene evolution - There are 6 main properties in the gene bank and over one hundred genes. Ancient kings, legendary heroes, political magnates, mafia fathers, superstars, and scientists all join the war together! You can match the skills and camp technologies as you wish.

- Unique equipment system - Fun equipment, free access, and ability to set special suit to obtain additions. Hundreds of chips at random, to create a unique hero attributes.

- High Capacity Gameplay - Choose your clone army carefully. With different skills and positions, challenge F-Tec's many defensive positions around the world! Expeditions, dungeons, ships, trials, massive gameplay, are all waiting for you!

- Guild System - World War: meet with guild partners from all over the world to welcome invasion from the legions of the universe. Kill leaders to get rich rewards!

Full-servers battle: real-time PK among global guilds, lead your guild to win supreme glory!

- Global Arena - Can you imagine that Caesar, Stalin, Einstein, Monroe, Da Vinci, Napoleon are fighting with Shakespeare, Alexander the Great, Beethoven, and Joan of ArcIn Clone Evolution everything is possible, create your own clone army and challenge players from around the world!

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