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Darkeden Online
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Darkeden Online is a Horror Action Role Playing MMO Game set in the gothic style of a fictional eastern European Country.

Darkeden Online is a unique Action MMO Game which tells very much these days, while most games tend to be concentrated towards groups, Darkeden is a great game for solo players, because players can do almost anything in the game without any restriction not forcing players to make groups for growing in level and also you can use guns or swords or other weapon that you want, the game does not limit the game players, there's even the option of using a shield if you like.

The soundtrack in this game successfully supplement the lack of 3D graphics which is quite outdated but does not affect the gameplay, definitely has a retro flavor and it will stir nostalgia for old (veteran) players.

But the game already sounds too idyllic so I going to remember the greatest lack of Darkeden, namely the total absence of a tutorial or something like that which to initiate you in the mysteries of vampire hunting. Of course, more experienced players do not need any tutorial.
Darkeden it be a two-dimensional graphic game but if you think that guts and spilled blood is missing you will be very wrong. The game is full of graphical violence and it will be a delight for many players.
Overall is an interesting Horror game even if the game is not at the first release, can be a solid option even for beginners.



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