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Etersand Warriors
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Etersand Warriors is a Free Android , Strategy MOBA , Multiplayer Mobile Game featuring real-time 5-minute matches .

Enter the arena ! Fight as an interplanetary hero in real-time 5-minute matches. Heroes are born in the arena. Etersand Warriors is a MOBA for both rookies and masters of strategy who enjoy competing in real-time. It’s a game specially designed for mobile devices.

Build your squad with fighters from all over the Solar System, and lead them into the battlefield to destroy the enemy base. Don’t let anything stand in your way to glory!

Fight solo (1v1) against other players and show the might of your gladiators. Or join a crew and fight shoulder to shoulder with a friend in a team fight (2v2). Develop your strategy. And remember that a true warrior takes everything as a challenge.

Choose between two control mechanics and pwn your enemies. Lead your fighters with a classic D-pad or battle by tapping and swiping with a single finger.

Overcome fear! Train your heroes, upgrade them for battle and make your way through Etersand's League to get better and bigger rewards.

Warriors from all corners of the galaxy converge in the arena of Solaria, the great city on Mars, to battle in a brutal tournament called Etersand. From the electric jungles of Venus to the cold tundras of Sedna, the crowd attend the cruelest and most unpredictable show in the galaxy. Who shall be crowned with the laurels of victory? Who will shed tears all over the arena?


- Fight real-time battles with other players (1v1 and 2v2).

- Choose between two control mechanics and enjoy the design for mobile devices.

- Choose your heroes and develop your strategy in the arena.

- Train your fighters and upgrade them for battle.

- Make your way through the leagues to reach glory.

- Connect with your friends and… humiliate them on the battlefield!

- Join a crew and enter the arena with your friends.

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