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Metro Conflict The Origin
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Metro Conflict The Origin is a Free 2 play Action , FPS Shooter Multiplayer Game featuring a unique characters, weapons, and suit skills in a team-based competitive gameplay .

Metro Conflict The Origin takes place sometime in the near future where two factions wage war with each other in order to gain dominance over the world. It is a story of mercenaries caught up in the storm of battle.



In the not so distant future, extreme food shortage caused by the eruption of Yellowstone super volcano immediately triggers military tension that has already reached its peak due to disputes over resources and ideological differences, plunging the entire planet into flames of war. Consequently, Western countries critically damaged from several years at war unite; establishing United Security Service (USS). USS is an organization which possesses great deterrent force, aiming to bring an end to chaos and facilitate order through the use of technologically advanced “special suits” – this “special suit” grants maximized physical abilities and new combat skills to soldiers who wear them. USS soon becomes an entity with an overwhelming amount of power in which no one would dare challenge. However, such power grants unquestionable authority over the general public with suppression of freedom and absolute governance. Groups of people started to rebel against USS and its reign of power later becoming PLF (People's Liberation Front). Countries are no more, as the world splits into these two forces. Combat specialists in "special suits" now play a significant role within the everlasting war between USS and PLF as neutral mercenaries. This new war wages on between two factions and it came to be known as "Metro Conflict: The Origin".

- There are 12 mercenaries each with unique character models, weaponry, and character specific skills. Playing and mastering each character offers fun and exciting experience for players.

- In collaboration with various FPS game development veterans, we’ve focused on the core experience of handling each and every weaponry ranging from assault rifles, SMG, shotguns and sniper rifles. As we believe one of the most important factors within a FPS game is weapon mechanics, we welcome you to join us on the battlefield.

- All Mercenaries gain unique skills through their “Special Suits”. Skills are categorized into Offensive/Defensive/Support types and also provide benefits to team mates. Such skills provide additional grounds for strategy that can grant you and your team victory on the battlefield.

- Metro Conflict: The Origin differs from generic FPS experience with the new EXD (Extreme Domination) game mode. EXD is a 6vs6 team play where two teams fight to gain control over a satellite hacking device known as the “Marker”. Once a team gains control of the “Marker”, they are able to choose their own location to set up and channel the device to fully activate it to win the round. It is important for a team to have great cohesion in order to have an edge over the other team. Strategy in terms of team build and map usage opens up a wide range of possible scenarios.

Metro Conflict The Origin seeks to value the following elements;

- No Pay to Win: The game will strictly be based on individual skill, team work, and strategy. We will not be offering cash items which may impact the gameplay directly.

- We stand against any and all manipulation of the gameplay which includes hacking, unofficial mod advantage, and/or any potential threats to the mass player base that is not skill/strategy based.

- We believe success of a game is based on customer satisfaction. No better customer satisfaction can be attained than to truly listen to the users. We will continue to focus on keeping our ears open to your feedbacks and improve your gameplay accordingly.

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