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World War Heroes : WW2 FPS Shooting games
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World War Heroes is a Android Free 2 play, Action FPS Shooting, Multiplayer Mobile Game where you’ll able to use military vehicles to conduct battles .

World War Heroes - Fight soldiers from all over the world in the best World War II online shooter for Android ! This game will take you to World War II, where you’ll able to use military vehicles to conduct battles.

The game features 7 game modes:

- Hardcore Mode - Mode increase the damage and makes the game more realistic

- Deathmatch - Free fight for all. You fight for yourself. Player with the highest score wins the round, 1-2 hits and you lost, just like in real life .

- Team Deathmatch - Two teams fight for domination. The team with the highest score at the end of the round wins.

- Bomb Mode - One team should bring and plant a bomb at the indicated point, the other team must prevent it!

- Team Squad - Two teams fight each other with no respawns. The team which has at least one member alive wins.

- Team battle on panzers - Two teams are fighting each other for superiority using heavy machinery. The team that has the most points at the end of the round wins.

- Custom Modes - Create a game with your own rules! Tell your friends game number in the statistics window when you create a room and play together!

Game Features :

- 7 legendary World War II battles!

- 4 types of battle vehicles from different countries: USA, Russia, Japan, and Germany!

- 5 game modes and a custom mode with your own rules!

- 57 unique weapon types: pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns and many more!

More features :

- Login to Get Daily Free Gifts - Login to Get Daily Free Gifts, Login to get Free Daily Quests! Login to get daily free items. Don’t also miss the bonus EXP and Credits time! 

- 50+ Weapons, Customize yourself - 50 types of weapons: guns, pistols, tommy-guns, subguns, grenades, rockets and body armors!

Customize your weapon and get a unique test piece – change the color and get all options, from barrels and stocks to scopes.

- Upgrade gear system - Upgrade your gear and become stronger!

Claim first place and give a headshot to the one who will dare to contest the air!

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