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WarReign is a Android Free 2 play, Fantasy Strategy , Multiplayer Mobile Game featuring a three sided war between Humans, Elves, and the Undeads .

The mobile fantasy strategy game WarReign is different from existing strategy games in which users play as only a single race. In WarReign there are three unique races : the Humans , with solid defensive forces; the Elves , with powerful ranged attacks , and the Undead , with massive overpowering offensive swarms. With these races users can develop their own bases and strategies.

Among the three races there are more than 20 unique Heroes and 30 different units, which allow users to develop their own strategic play for both offensive and defensive battles. In addition, the beautiful graphics and sounds will immerse users in a splendid medieval era and will delight their eyes and ears.

In addition, WarReign will be available in over 150 countries in 7 languages, including Korean, English, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. This will bring new, unprecedented fun to the strategy genre, with a variety of PvP and PvE content in which users around the world can collaborate or compete.

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