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RIVAL Crimson x Chaos
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RIVAL Crimson x Chaos is a Android Free-to-play , Tower Defence Strategy , Multiplayer Mobile Game featuring unique Champion cards, fast paced arena battles and good visuals .

Rival Crimson x Chaos is a real-time PvP mobile game featuring tons of unique Champion cards, fast-paced but strategic arena battles, and slick visuals.

The Game will introduced you to a map that is divided into two part, each of which must protect three towers while launching the attack to the enemy land with the highest goal is destroying the main house. During the game, you have to skillfully manipulate the commander and constantly replenish his army to gradually overwhelm the opponent. The towers in RIVAL Crimson x Chaos are divided into two types, the main tower and two secondary towers on the side of the main tower protection. The HP is also different from each other.

Players have to choose and arrange their own Battle Desk, which is the most important element of the game. You have to choose the right card and match your tactics. The cards are divided into different classes with their own attributes and skills. Each card can be upgraded to the highest level of 5.

RIVAL Crimson x Chaos will not be a clear plot, but you will be into a clash between the two powers Crimson and Chaos. The battle will end when one of the sides lose the main house. Basically, the player will prepare different types of warriors before entering the battle. Over time, destroy the enemy, the system will increase Mana points and you need to use this score to call the various characters. In addition to the raw load distribution, holding onto a strong set of cards is also one of the key determinants of victory in RIVAL Crimson x Chaos .

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