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The Missing Ink
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The Missing Ink is a Role Playing MMO Game with an integrated 3D virtual sandbox world.

The Missing Ink it's already available on several platforms (multi-platform) such as PC, MAC , playable directly in browser and, as like was promised by the producers of the game, others will follow (Android).

The graphics are in three dimensions (3D) but the characters are so designed to look like cardboard cutouts, interesting and bold choice I would say. I would like to point out the music and sound effects accompanying the players during hours of play that do not fails to bored or be too repetitive.

The Missing Ink it begins by choosing a character, that can be customized into a small measure of option, after this you would think here game actually begins not yet, it's time to get acquainted with the lobby area here are three options the one of the “tutorial” that is clear, the one of the “exploration” it does not require any more explaining but there is an area the so-called “build” area which require additional explain. “Build” area is actually an incredible fully integrated 3D virtual sandbox world, the first of its kind for the Role Playing MMO Game genre, where you have various creation tools available, players will be in charge of building the world up a bit. Exlore area is where so called normal gameplay takes place.
Overall The Missing Ink it is a unique concept, something different, with fresh ideas in this large sea of online games. From my side, is a obligatory game recommendation which must be played and I'm sure you will agree after you try it or if you simply just play it.




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