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Nitro Racing GO
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Nitro Racing GO is a Android Free 2 play, Clicker Racing Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring Races with over 20 000 opponents in different leagues.

Nitro Racing GO , prove your traffic driving skills, and show your racing spirit in the heart of the most luxurious cities! Jump behind the wheel of the most expensive cars and show them all who is the real boss! Nitro Racing GO .


- Test totally new idle racing experience and have endless fun!

- Race with over 20 000 opponents in different leagues!

- Jump into the world of illegal, real traffic racing and try your luck in the fastest available cars!

- Tune your car with 45+ upgrades on the various levels!

- Increase your driving skills racing the real traffic!

- Become fast with special cards, which give you an extreme boost!

- Collect your favorite cars in your own garage!

- Beat the high score and climb to the top of the online leaderboards!

TRY ILLEGAL TRAFFIC RACING IN THE CITY THAT NEVER FALLS ASLEEP! Arghhh! Speed up, racer! Tap as fast as you can in this racing clicker if you want to compete in one of the most luxurious cities in the world! Find yourself among the best drivers and enjoy the amazing view of Dubai. Gorgeous skyscrapers, the newest achievements of modern Arabic architecture, loudly riverside, challenging highways and roads with cliffs, on which YOU SIMPLY can't make any mistakes. It's time to race out!

MASTER YOUR DRIVING SKILLS ON THOUSANDS OF UNIQUE LEVELS! Start building your position in the world of idle street racing right now - 20 000 demanding racers await you! Raise your skills on the road by tap racing challenges. As far you go, the more difficult it becomes to achieve. As simple as that! Are you fast enough to put your name on the top of the leaderboard? Challenge yourself on asphalt tracks in this arcade racing clicker! Time to find out!

TUNE, UPGRADE AND BECOME EVEN FASTER & FASTER! Unlock 25 basic boosters for your favorite car! All of them have over 1000 levels of upgrades! Sounds promising? Yeaaah! Use them wisely in the city road and highway and show who's the boss of illegal street racing! Already felt the full power of Nitro Racing GO? Ha! We've barely warmed up! Get even more advantages in the traffic making use of special cards. Have you ever dreamed of building your epic card deck? Collect 77 various cards and raise your horse-power right now! Stay tuned for future card additions!

ALREADY BORED WITH CLASSIC RACING GAMES? Do you have any need for special features in racing titles? Looking for something new in real driving competition? Hey racer, you are at the right place! Tap faster and faster to speed up and experience totally new idle racing experience! Keep your eyes on the road and make near traffic misses – collect special bonuses that give you a special pack of nitro! Prepare yourself for a challenge and fill your garage with every of 10 cars to collect! Jump behind the wheel in Nitro Racing GO and... TAP NOW!

HOLD THE HIGHEST POSITION! Do you want to prove your racing skills among the best drivers? Beat them all and show that there is no speed limit! It's about time to do that! Compete against your opponents to achieve the best racing results and the highest possible level! Make a remarkable climb up the Nitro Racing GO rankings and hold the highest position! Create your own guild and make it the most famous driving club worldwide. Raise your skills, upgrade your fast car and conquer the leaderboards in illegal street racing! That's what racing game's players need!

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