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Wild Poker
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Wild Poker Floyd Mayweather's Texas Holdem is a Free Android, Social Casino Adventure Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring Animal avatars and a partnership with Floyd Mayweather .

Wild Poker is a social casino adventure game that offers Texas Hold'em Poker with a unique twist. On top of the regular card game, Wild Poker adds elements of strategy and adventure such as real-time decision-making, power-ups, journey, character development and more to increase the fun and overall exhilaration factor. Players must embrace the spirit of their favorite animal characters and strategically deploy special skills, such as the shark's sharp sense of smell to detect another player's fear or the giraffe's elongated neck to peer over another player's shoulder. As players advance in the game, they level up and unlock new characters with different abilities and go on a journey that no traditional casino-style game can offer.


Each one of our characters come with its special skills and abilities! learn how to use the character’s strength to your benefit, enlarge your animal's Power-up Clip and unlock new animals as you advance in the game.


Like the animals in the game, you can play as Floyd Mayweather or play against him, earn powerups and advance in the game!


Wild Poker combines poker strategy with brand new Power-up tactics – the result is an addicting live poker strategy game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Plan your steps ahead of time as even bad Poker hand and good strategy could lead you to the Jackpot

Extra Game Features :

- Play against or as the world-famous FLOYD MAYWEATHER

- Choose from a variety of different CHARACTERS, game TACTICS, and STYLES

- UPGRADE your character to enhance game experience

- MORE FREE CASINO CHIPS, MORE OFTEN – Collect FREE chips every 4 hours!

- PLAY WITH FRIENDS - Invite your friends to the game and get casino bonuses as a reward.

- Complete CHALLENGES for amazing rewards

- ENJOY a variety of changing EVENTS

- Poker tournaments - SOON

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