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The Settlers Online
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The Settlers Online is a Browser Based, Real Time Strategy (RTS) MMO Game set in the early Renaissance period in a rich, wild, beautiful middle-Europe.

The Settlers Online I do not think there is someone who has not heard of this famous game series there is not much to say about this version in addition to the series only as now it is completely online and still remains a real time strategy. It is possible to build up villages, wage wars or trade with your neighbors. You start with a small settlement or village which is totally undeveloped in a Virgin Land Forests. Like at the other browser game you are required to construct as many building as you can, ranging from military, defensive, production and research lab. Gradually, you use your resourceful abilities and transform your small village into a prosperous and harmonious city.

Overall the game is fairly fun to play, is like a meal that you devoured it forever, all over againe and eventually you will get tired of it very fast, may be that the fans of strategy game expect a new game with new ideas not to the same lack of inspiration which tends to become a rule for the larg producers of games. For me personally it was just another disappointment and I think that paid game manufacturers it should no longer infect Free to Play Games market with their lack of originality and with their silly old games.


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