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MonsterCry Eternal
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MonsterCry Eternal is a Free-to-play Android , Card Battle Role-Playing , Mobile Multiplayer Game where greed and corruption always put the world into chaos .

MonsterCry Eternal is a new type of game that combines card battle and RPG. Collect cards, build decks with different strategies and evolve your cards! Enjoy intense battles with global adventurers from all over the world through real-time PVP, Boss Raids and more! Intense battle, immersion of growth, and excitement of strategy!

key Game FEATURES :

- STUNNING ILLUSTRATIONS , More than 300 fabulous and breathtaking souls! Every card has their own unique skills. Make them your own!

- BUILD YOUR STRATEGY, BUILD YOUR DECK , Assemble your own deck using hundreds of unique and fantastic cards with various kinds of races, classes, and skills into your own strategy. Rule the battle with your own tactics!

- Real Time BATTLE SYSTEM , Dominate the time! Experience the thrill of battle with split second decisions that wins or loses the game. More depth to your strategy with each card's active time gauge! Be smart and claim victory!

- WORLD OF ADVENTURE , Greed and corruption always put the world into chaos... Who will save this world? Dozens of dungeons and hundreds of stages within an intriguing tale of adventure!

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