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Dragon Fang is a Android Free-to-play, Role-Playing TBS Multiplayer Game featuring mystery , adventure and treasure .

Dragon Fang is a Japanese Roguelike RPG that has been downloaded over 2 million times, full of mystery, adventure and treasure . Collect and build your bands of powerful monsters, strengthen their abilities to defeat enemies and epic giant boss ! Let’s start your journey with Dolan to seek out the reason for the fall of weredragon tribe !

Game Features:

- Random Dungeon - Dungeons are randomised and look differently every time. Crawl the dungeons with bravery! Choosing an incorrect path may lead your team to rusty death….

- Train your Monsters - Over 1000+ monsters are waiting for you. Train them to become reliable buddies on your mighty team. Upgrade their unique skills to help you conquering the dungeons and mystical towers.

- Giant Boss - Giant Bosses with overwhelming power hidden in several mystical towers are waiting for your challenge!

- Worldwide Arena - Show your strongest team to battle with the best players all over the world. Fight to top of the Leaderboard for glory and the rare rewards!




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