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Striker Superstars
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Striker Superstars is a Browser based, First-Person Football (soccer) MMO Game Simulator giving the opportunity to play as an individual footballer.

What I liked most about Striker Superstars is that it throws you directly into the boots of a individual footballer and simply play football without any other thing to disturb the fun of playing and above all is free to play (F2P) in browser on PC or MAC. From this perspective of view I find the game to be brilliant, simple, to the point and yet realistic. I say realistic because it has an elaborate system of skills development for the character and there are twelve attributes that can be improve such as anticipation, ball control, shooting accuracy, stamina and other, that are very important in the dynamics and gameplay of the game and not the least to be victorious.

The idea of being a single player on a football pitch is not new, however they often fall short in part due to a lack of contextual advancement or character development behind being that one person among many, is not the case for this game "Striker Superstars" that compared to its predecessors shines in terms of character individualization possibilities and in giving the feeling that you are only one player in a team. Give the feeling you have when playing first person shooters (FPS), if you want it's as a kind of first person football simulator, for this reason I think that is truly the first first-person football simulator even though chronologically it is not the first with this idea.
The 3D graphics has a nice detailed aesthetic with some time going into player animations and on the pitch motion, due to the control scheme and its complimenting nature, the animations feel right and have a weight in keeping with the actions you perform, whether thats a slide tackle, short sprint or scoring a goal. Visually everything looks very good for a online browser game either the sound does not disappoint and managed to complete the atmosphere.
Striker Superstars stand out from the crowd with a welcome character control scheme, well made graphical artistic touches with fluid animations and with a unique perspective on first-person football based gameplay system. It is the recomandation of the weeks or even or the month.




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