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Tartaros Rebirth is a story driven Free 2 play, Role-Playing Multiplayer Game .

Tartaros Rebirth is a story driven game with a great scenario and stunning illustration like a singleplayer console game with various contents such as PVE mode.

Game Features :

- Engaging RPG with Outstanding 3D Graphics and Compelling Story Lines, Other story driven RPG titles have been restricted to 2D format, or limited in the scope of their stories. However, Tartaros breaks the chains of limitation and takes you on an amazing adventure not just with gameplay but with an enthralling story and expansive open world.

- Multi Characters Control (MCC) Tartaros allows players to control multiple characters simultaneously! These unique character controls are easy to learn, attracting both hardcore and casual players. There are a total of nine characters in Tartaros. These characters are unlocked through Scenario Mode and leveled up through Mission Mode. Players will be able to control three or more characters during Team Battle (in Battle Mode) and occasionally in Scenario Mode. Players will control the main character while handling two more via AI control.

Scenario Mode - Tartaros gives experienced and new players the classic feeling of a story-driven RPG. In Scenario Mode, players can explore the stories of each of the nine characters.

Scenario Mode is a single player mode that follows a tight storyline, where players visit various towns and battlefields to progress the story and acquire new characters.

Mission Mode - Once players have accessed new towns, designated NPCs will provide special missions to complete. Players can upgrade their characters most efficiently through Mission Mode. They can solo play or team up with others to complete the missions.

Some missions can be completed repeatedly and/or must pass various stages in order to reach the final boss to raid. Players can build up a strong community by joining parties, which is the foundation of the Guild System. Mission Mode has three types: Cooperative Mission, Special Mission and Limited Mission.

Battle Mode - In Battle Mode, players can PvP to show off their skills and gear. On top of the fun, players can acquire Training Points and Weapon Exp. Not only is it important to know your character, but you must know your opponent too! Battle Mode is divided into 2 types: Battle Chaser and Team Battle. Battle Chaser: In this feature, players join a party with one character to fight the opposing party.





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