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Cookie Soccer
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Cookie Soccer is a Free Android , Turn Based Multiplayer Sports Mobile Game where you can use Snooker strategy and tactics , balance attack and defense in one Game .

Cookie Soccer , the most easy-to-master football game is awaiting you! Match online with thousands players, show your control skill, or...great energy. Form your unique 4 man team with featured cookie players , match with opponents from all over the world .

Easy accessibility, play with one hand - This unique football game uses snooker operation rules. Hold a player, pull, and shoot. Dash back to the sunset, show your passion on the pitch.

Relaxing gameplay, turn-based strategy - Unlike other football games, this game allows players to play in a chess-game style. The two sides operate in turn. Control any one player to position or shoot in each turn. While the opponent is operating, you can think over your next tactic with no rush. Even unstable network will not interrupt your game.

In-depth strategy, attention required - The football is round, anything can happen Matches seem peaceful, but actually filled with risks. A tiny neglect in defense would give the opponent chance to score. While wild-eyed attacks may cause your own lose and make you a laughingstock. Use Snooker strategy and tactics, balance attack and defense.

Win with real skills, fight in Server Ranking Battle - Win more matches, obtain trophy points and challenge higher-level courts. Gain chances to obtain cookies of even more types and explore various new gameplay. Fire Court, Ice Court, design new tactics against the new rules. Dominate the game with your brain and wisdom.




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