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Grace of Zordan
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Grace of Zordan is a Android Free to Play , Strategy Turn Based , Card Multiplayer Game featuring 3 Decks instead of one.

Strategy and tactics turn-based card game mostly focused on player’s ability to assess the situation and control the battlefield. A small indie developer team is ready to present their vision of the best strategy and tactics turn-based card game, the Grace of Zordan .

In Grace of Zordan, you use spells, organise your units in the battlefield and lead your hero to victory using the cards and abilities of the creatures. They (developers) tried to create the card balance that would not be based on donate and some cards dominating the other ones, but rather on fine interaction among them and the player’s skill. We strive to avoid the situation where the players either stop using some of the cards or use them significantly less often than the other ones.

The Game drew inspiration from a variety of genres and diverse games to improve the game’s attractiveness to people who prefer winning with their own abilities, style, cunning and calculation and trying to minimize the Pay-To-Win effect to a Pay-To-Opportunities system, so that the players could showcase their skill more.

3 Decks instead of one - You decide which deck to draw the next card from. To get to the card you need faster, put it in the first deck. In our game, you’ll find it a lot easier to put together a deck of your preference to defeat your opponent.

Activated Abilities - Alternative use of mana through balanced game opportunities will help you reasonably diversify your strategy.

7х7 Game Board - A unique game board that allows you to win tactically. Battle mechanics allow you to make tactical advantage of creature position and characteristics.

Modifiers - Use unit characteristics to break enemy defenses or come up with a counter-strategy.

Surprise Your Opponents - Succeed through unpredictable moves and accurate calculations. Diversity of balanced units and cards creates innumerable ways of outside-the-box play.

Balance - Throughout the development process, the balance was tested and developed by people with cybersport experience and strive to minimize occasionality.



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