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Blades of Battle Magic Duel
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Blades of Battle Magic Duel is a Android Free-to-play, Role-Playing Multiplayer Game featuring customisation of your party to gain a strategic edge.

Embark on an epic fantasy adventure game with mythical heroes, brave warriors, monsters, boss battles, magical creatures, and flying dragons with Blades of Battle RPG ! Build a fearsome team of brave warriors and heroes to battle monsters, villains, and thousands of other competitors in the Arena alongside your friends and allies.

Play with 700+ beautifully rendered characters in this free-to-play collectible card battle game, evolving new heroes with ever-growing powers to dominate in Player-vs-Player (PvP) combat. Rise through the ranks with blades of glory and might to become the best in Blades of Battle RPG!


- Guilds! Guild based game play

- Collection! Collect and view rare cards

- New & improved Trading card (TCG) and Role Playing Game (RPG)

- Customise your party to gain a strategic edge

- Wield skills from archer to sorcery, lightning to fire

- Bind and evolve with Epic characters including heroes and warriors together in dark rites

- Fight against magical creatures, monsters, flying dragons and experience boss battles

- Traverse villages, castles, dungeons, and more

- Collect gold and items to make your Epic team best in the land

- Chat LIVE with your friends, allies and foes regionally or globally!




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