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The Master Of Plunder M.O.P
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The Master Of Plunder M.O.P is a Android Free-to-play , Action Multiplayer Game featuring an auto growth system .

Welcome to the world of plunder . Now, prepare to strike back and take a revenge on enemies!

Chaotic world where plunder rules

- Raid and plunder global players to gain trophy and victory

- Never lower your guard! The enemies might get back to you using Revenge system

International plunder competition

- Lead the greatest warriors to the victory and rule the strongest country !

- Be a hero of international plunder competition and shine your name

Go on a Patrol and Discover Treasures

- Get special items obtainable only through Patrols

- Lay back and receive items when Patrols are completed automatically!

Action RPG that anybody can enjoy

- Auto growth system will make your heroes stronger by themselves

- "The Master of Plunder" is the best RPG with high-quality actions!

Create your own Heroes

- Customize your heroes with various types of items (+100)

- Defeat other players with your own hero!

Blood Brotherhood, Guild

- Join a Guild and they will be protect your back in this cruel world

- Play and enjoy various game modes such as real time PVP / World Boss / Guild Plunder

Play World Boss Raid with other players

- Cooperate with others to fight against the most evil World Boss!

- Raid the enemy of the world and the trophy and honor is yours!




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