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Duel of Summoners
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Duel of Summoners is a Free 2 play, Trading Card Multiplayer Game TCG , featuring a Turn Based 5 lane playstyle and beautifully illustrated card art .

Summon your legendary creatures to start the epic battle! Duel of Summoners is a Trading Card Game played against an opponent with a deck composed of 12 cards.

Game Features :

- Intense Real-Time PvP Combat - Challenge players in the real-time, PvP arena. Duel of Summoners is a card game without draws, so choose your deck wisely, and execute your strategy using all 12 of the cards you select at the start ;

- Game Comics - Familiarize yourself with the game in an immersive Game Comic adventure mode that progresses the heroic Duel of Summoners story through learning the game’s basic systems and varying card types ;

- Collect and Conquer - Opening booster packs is not the only way to build your champion deck. Trade cards with NPC and other players to collect valuable cards for your arsenal ;

- Build a Champion Setup - Player’s champion setup is fully customizable. Players will select from various heroes with tremendous abilities, create a dominating deck from hundreds of unique cards, and select gorgeous hero skins .




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