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Dragona - Expedition of Bartan
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Dragona - Expedition of Bartan is an fantasy Role Playing MMO Game a world where swords and sorcery, dragons and monsters exist.

Dragona - Expedition of Bartan or in short Dragona it could be that incredible something which are to be. Producers praise the most with the ability to transform into a dragon .. blah .. blah blah ... and a lot of uninteresting things I say something else first of all the graphics that look great to artistical, I mean separate elements that make up scenes such as trees do not look perfect but all items taken together show that the scene look amazing and sometimes breathtaking, someone from the production team has eye and a developed artistic senses for art, and secondly the small gameplay elements that make life easier for gamers such as quests that appear for you instantly on the screen without having to look after them, as finding ways to the location indicated by respective quests automatically without having to interrupt your pace of playing. All make the game flow smoothly, fluid and seems to goes without saying.

Also at the graphic elements I would like to remark the blur effect that is sublime not like in other games when you activate it you think you go blind or somthing worst, here we are dealing with effects of mystery that is given by this effect to the distant landscapes and seems to makes you want to explore and discover more. In this manner should be used an graphic elements in a game to assist in adding new elements to the atmosphere not only to be some objects checked on a list which later boast as great achievements as usually happens in games paid to be played.

The gameplay is an normal one with no missing or something wrong which disturb you from killing mosters. I could add that the transformation into a dragon it can be done partially meaning not entire body if you wish you can you just transform only torso or other body part.

The only flaw of the game is to the character customization which is not too developed. The game Dragona also has a moderate content of partial nudity this is a definite plus or a minus depending on who ask if you know what I mean, but I, like a snobbish dude i'am going to add to the pluses of this game.

Dragona have, also an challenging pvp system called Battle Arena. The skirmish is held at a designated time every day and it is an instant siege battles were anyone can participate. The Battle Arena is divided into two parts the Battle of Celebration and the Battle of Might, here players can test their character build, skill and progression that they made within their entire Dragona gameplay.

Dragona - Expedition of Bartan, overall is a great game to play with a fluid and interesting world, moreover graphics look great, it goes without saying that is definitely a recommendation as first-class game.


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