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Space Fighter
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Space Fighter is a Free to play , Action Multiplayer Game featuring no Ads or In-Game Purchases .

In Space Fighter you are in control of a high-tech modular spaceship equipped with the latest blasters. Fly in the battlefield above a mining operation on an alien planet through an anti-gravity suspended asteroid field.

Game Features :

- Play split-screen multiplayer with up to eight players across several screens (requires sufficient controllers*).

- Pilot your own spaceship and destroy enemy spaceships in challenging dogfights

- Summon wingmen to give you support and release them on a target

- Play with up to 40 AI controlled spaceships

- Fire and guide a missile so it meets its target

Game Modes

- Objective: Attack or defend an anti-gravity generator essential for a mining operation in a multi-step mission

- Deathmatch , Destroy the enemy fleet before it eliminates your’s

Best of all its completely free!



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