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Army Rage
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Army Rage is a military First Person Shooter MMO Game on the subject of the Second World War.

As I said in the description, Army Rage is a game during the period of Second World War and they are proudly show off weapons and equipment from that period (even a few tanks). At the downside I would like to point out the size of the maps that are very small compared to the standards of the similar games now have, they were probably tried to artificially increase the speed with which fighting take place but I would have preferred other methods such as more intelligently designed maps and with more routes of access.

But let us not forget the good parts of the game such as more than just decent graphics and the animation characters in the game without interruptions or annoying lags. The gameplay is normal for a shooter game meaning adrenaline combined with animalistic reflexes a true delight for the senses. What I liked most about the Army Rage was the design a little bit fanciful that gives soldiers the charm of originality and help create a pleasant atmosphere in the game.

Overall is an interesting game with unique strengths to characters (fanciful) design which is a good recommendation for the first game option.




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