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The Ultimatest Battle
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The Ultimatest Battle is a Action Free-to-play, FPS Shooter Multiplayer Game featuring small zany characters, called “Nubs” .

The Ultimatest Battle is a free-to-play fast-paced addictive competitive 2D real-time arena shooter blending elements from the best strategy, shooter and arena brawling games such as Worms, Team Fortress 2 and Super Smash Brothers. The result is a unique content and experience where players rely heavily on their technique and coordination to blast their way to victory.

In the Game universe, players embody small zany characters, called “Nubs”, who are armed to the teeth and possess various weapons depending on the character’s class. While progressing through the game, each “Nub” gradually builds his arsenal, increasing the gameplay strategy level when the choice of weapons becomes critical.

Players compete as a team in various game modes in a 2D environment almost entirely destructible :


- DeathMatch (DM): Victory goes to whichever team can get the most kills in 5 minutes.

- Control Point (CP): Occupy the control point and hold your position.

- Attack – Defense (CPS): Capture or defend three control points.

- Save The Princess (STP): Hunt down or protect the Princess, controlled by a player.

- Double Princess (DP): Take down the enemy Princess while defending your own.

- Arena (ARN): Deathmatch with a limited number of lives.


- Zombie Mode (ZM): Wipe out the infected!

- Randomizer (WTF): In this mode, you have a random class with randomly selected gear.

- Versus Boss (VSB): Fight or play as the Boss.

- Harvest (HAR): Collect the most resources and bring them back to your base.

- Roulette ($$$): Three special rules are added to the rules of another game mode, for parties always more rich in twists and turns.

EXCHANGES BETWEEN PLAYERS - The trading system allows diverse internal trade between players. A special game mode is even devoted entirely to exchanges so that players can trade peacefully.

THE GUILDS - The Guilds are groups of players who battle under the same banner. Any player can join an existing Guild, but to create one he or she must be (at least) level 10 and hold a Premium account.




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