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Art of War Last Day
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Art of War Last Day is a Android , Free 2 Play Strategy Multiplayer Game featuring the final battle against a superintelligent rogue AI armys .

Art of War Last Day is a brand new mobile, free to play strategy game. Lead your squad of humans, Mechs and machines into real-time, adrenaline-fueled battles against the ultimate self-aware artificial intelligence robot system - Adams. Fight back against the evil AI and its robots and machines using strength and strategy in this epic combat strategy game. Strike enemy bases to build your empire, fortify your defense, and conquer AI machines to learn the secrets of SKYNET and Adams. Ally with players from around the world in strategic combat and defense during this future war. In the world of Art of War: Last Day, you must fight to survive!

Game Features :

Online Mobile Multiplayer PVP and RPG Battles

- Battle online for free in a PVP future war against millions of other Commanders

- Train massive armies of mobile Mechs and tanks to lead your strike forces against enemy empires

- Clash with enemy alliances to plunder resources and build your robotic Base

MMO Universe with Real Time Battles Free Online

- Enter a futuristic online world of robots, machines and AI enemies waiting for you to fight

- Build your Base and empire and fight PVE AI machines in epic resource battles

- Chat with strategic allies 1on1 or in chat rooms to plan the fight with real-time translation.

Real Time Strategy and leveling with RPG elements

- Level up your Battle Commander based on your unique battle strategy.

- Forge hi-tech equipment to lead your mechanized strike army into battle

- Varied Tech trees for extreme resources or super powerful machine attack and defense




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