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Lagoonia is a standard Social Browser based MMO Game without fights or any kind of violence.

What if you, a lone survivor of an airplane accidents, are forced to survive on a deserted island surrounded by a dense fog, probably it would be the starting point of the biggest nightmare for those who do not know the survival techniques in wilderness, but you were very wrong in the game Lagoonia barely here begins the adventure of exploration and all the fun. That's the story about the game, you crash with an plane on a apparently deserted island, classical and intriguing.

To survive you’ll need to research and build things like fires, rafts, and hammocks; collect resources like wood, plastic, and hemp; and continue to explore the island in hopes of finding a way home. Most of the quests are ways for the game to teach you how to survive, but sometimes they’re related to the story. Early on you’ll start to find messages in bottles floating around the ocean, suggesting that you might not be alone.

The game actions take a certain amount of time, energy and resources to complete, as you complete goals you will earn experience, which in turn unlocks additional content. The biggest thing to keep you going, though, is exploring the island. Initially much of the island is shrouded in a fog, but as you gain levels you will be able to reveal new areas and the secrets held within. The approach to energy in Lagoonia is different from other games instead of simply waiting for it to recharge over time, you will derive energy from the various things you’ll build, which in time need to recharge after being used. So you can refresh your character’s energy by lounging around a fire, for instance, or eating some fish. Since you are not to limited in number of these energy producing items you can build, you will run out of energy far less than in typical social games.

Overall Lagoonia is a game that manages to captivate you at first but becomes a little obtrusively over time, I personally do not think that is a big flaw and therefore I highly recommend it.



+2 #4 felix 2015-04-09 16:40
-1 #3 maykon 2015-04-05 02:27
:cry: onde baixo o jogo
0 #2 william 2015-02-06 18:48
:cry: como eu jogo este jogo, nao acho o link que leva ao jogo.
0 #1 william 2015-02-06 18:47
:cry: como qu eu jogo isso, nao to encontrando um jeito de joga ele???

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