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IRISM is a Android Free-to-play , Fantasy Role-Playing MMORPG , Multiplayer Game featuring colorful Wings to unleash your true power .

Enter the world of IRIS as a Theian , blessed by the power of god's servant Aiaran, your role is to protect what's left of a long lost era of peace. Join other fellow Theians in Guilds, fight in engaging PvP, PvE and PvPvE battles to show others who's the real protector of the land. Claim what's rightfully yours while exploring the continent of Theia, overcoming the challenges it presents.

Key Features :

- Real-time Open Field Battles !

Real time PvE, PVP and PvPvE with your friends and guildmates in dedicated gamemodes and in the Open World itself.

- Open up your wings !

Upgrade colorful wings to unleash your true power... and to show others where you stand.

- Explore the Dungeons !

Explore 25 different dungeons with your companions, including special Challenge Dungeons to hunt for specific goodies and adjustable difficulty to aim for the best rewards.

- Unique Character Customization

Create your character by choosing from three different races and various hairstyles and hair colors and then make it even more unique by dressing up with stylish costumes, weapon skins and various sets of armors.

- Insane World Bosses

Unite with others to destroy devastating World Bosses and other powerful foes or struggle in epic Guild vs Guild wars while doing so.

- Transform into 'Luminous'

Transform into one of three different gods of war and wreak havoc among your enemies.




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