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Band of Brothers Fury Tank is a Android Free 2 play, Strategy in real time RTS , Multiplayer Game in modern Warfare background .

Band of Brothers: Fury Tank is a strategy game takes modern warfare as background and tank troop as theme. On this burning battlefield you will hold a armored force and make it to the world's most advanced armor legion gradually. Pioneer territory and defeat enemies with your alliance members to set up a prosperous empire. Invincible panzer corps is ready, let tanks of the muzzle and the buzzing up!


- Multiplayer War Strategy - Abundant alliance gameplays and inspiring alliance atmosphere. You can ally with your friends and help each other to develop; you can also communicate and interact with strangers to win the top! This is a RTS game, you may meet warlords and commanders all over the world, try your best and be the best dominator!

- Various developing routes - In the game the way of improving power is absolutely increase the power of armor legion, by upgrading tanks' levels or equipping them advanced equipments, or by using buffs. All these actions need you develop your base economy, improve resource reserve. Trading and plunder are both your developing routes.

- Construct and protect your territory - Internal affairs are as important as diplomacy. Upgrade your constructions, train your troops, reinforce your city defense. Let the enemy tremble in front of your mighty base. (High level constructions have cool appearance)

- New powerful weapon - In the game you will not only experience the communication and competition of different empires, but also can take your own resource points and get more benefit. The resources will help you produce more powerful rocket, self-propelled gun and the legendary apocalypse tank.

- Protean strategy - Simple battle form also need wise command from the leader and different battle array formed by carious weapons, also the various buffs will make you more powerful on the battlefield.





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