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War of the Immortals
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War of the Immortals is a Role Playing MMO Game with the camera fixed in position top-down.

War of the Immortals like announce you in the title has a fixed camera it can rotate around the axis but this all what you can do in the terms of camera movement, probably they want to imitate the style of Diablo game, a lot of games try this lately.

The story (in the short version): “The world of Motenia has never been blessed with lasting peace. Every child grows up knowing the stories of fierce battles and ravaging war. None was greater than Ragnarok, the age-old struggle for power between the noble god Odin and his bitter rival, the evil Loki. Ragnarok was neither the first nor the last battle that Motenia would host, but it was the one that sealed the gods in their realms and left humanity to salvage what remained of the earth.” I have no reproach to story of the game and like I said many time in the past, story or rather lack of it is not too uncomfortable, but an interesting one can help create a more pleasant and captivating atmosphere in the game.

The game focuses a lot on it's cash shop so you can expect major imbalances due to items and magic spells sold in store for real money, the gameplay is different from what you'd expect.

Positive part of the War of the Immortals is the abundant choices in customization in terms of characters development, pet system, the battle, the diverse mount system, player dictated market, guild system and the quest system that they’ve set up with an auto route locator. If you have already played Battle of Immortals, then you are familiar with the way this game runs. I reminded the Battle of Immortals because War of the Immortals is very much like it and because it seems to be a clone with a improved graphics.

War of the Immortals is one of those games that does not bring too many new ideas and groundbreaking feature to the MMO gaming world, but what it does, it does tolerably well, overall it is a good option for a backup game.

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