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Wednesday, 23 August 2017 17:39 mmoraw
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Phoenix Labs Presents Early Access for their Debut Online Co-op Action RPG, Closed Beta Begins September 1

Phoenix Labs launched the Dauntless Founder’s Alpha today, providing Founding Slayers early access to the Shattered Isles ahead of the Closed Beta on September 1. Dauntless is the next evolution of online co-op action RPGs where players take on the role of Slayers, elite warriors fighting for humanity's survival against ferocious Behemoths. Aspiring Slayers can be among the first to experience the thrill of the hunt by purchasing the Founder Tier Pack for immediate access to the Founder’s Alpha.

During an extensive Tech Alpha phase, over 20,000 players teamed up to slay nearly 250,000 Behemoths, and hone the Dauntless gameplay experience together with Phoenix Labs. Development on Dauntless continues through the Founder’s Alpha where, for the first time, always-on servers will provide Slayers with continuous access to the Shattered Isles.

“The Dauntless’ community’s passion and feedback through the Tech Alpha has not only shaped Dauntless but it has become a heartbeat pushing our studio to be the best and to take on the next challenge,” said Jesse Houston, Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Phoenix Labs. “In this next step of our journey together, we’re excited to battle alongside our fellow Slayers, continue our open dialogue, and present new adventures, challenges, and shared experiences.

Following the Founder’s Alpha, the Dauntless Closed Beta will begin on September 1. Founding Slayers will also be able to invite their friends to join them in the Shattered Isles, during the Closed Beta Phase. For guaranteed access to the Closed Beta, fans can purchase one of the exclusive  Founder’s Pack. Players can also register at  www.playdauntless.com to reserve their name and for an opportunity to be selected to participate in the Dauntless Closed Beta.

Dauntless is set in the untamed science-fantasy world of the Shattered Isles. A cataclysmic event has shattered the world and created a vast array of unexplored and majestic floating islands, stalked by savage beasts known as Behemoths. Players forge their legends as Slayers, bringing the fight to the Behemoths and putting their skills to the test. To survive, Slayers will explore a deep crafting system forging hundreds of fully customizable weapons and armor.

Dauntless will be available as a free-to-play downloadable game on PC in 2017.





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