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Rosh Online - The return of KAROS
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Rosh Online - The return of KAROS is a Role Playing MMO Game.

Rosh Online - The Return of Karos is some kind of remake of the game "Karos Online" with which resembles quite a lot so I'm not going to insist too much on the common elements and the similarity between the two games.

The story tells of four races that have developed until they arrived to meet in center of the continent Broccion, of course they were afraid to with each other and so started a religious war that has lasted for a long ..long time. Children who were born during this long war and not understanding why the war started they were able to found a new kingdom which brought peace on the continent. Naturally not for a long time .... But, anyway let's go over the story that is generic and uninteresting and ends with yet another conflict.

On the character customization I have not seen improvements may be more races if this is considered a improvement. Seems that the animation of the game caracters are now slightly more rigid and the level is now easy to make.

Overall the game gives a strong sense of deja vu, and more leave us with a another feeling that this game is not too original.


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