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Wednesday, 16 August 2017 17:47 mmoraw
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Arena of Valor is a Free Android Online, Battle Arena Multiplayer MOBA , Game featuring fast paced combat on a classical battlefield .

The developers of Arena of Valor have made sure to include all the important MOBA elements and has optimised them for mobile gaming. The game features fast paced combat on a classical battlefield with three lanes and towers to conquer, a jungle filled with monsters, as well as various gameplay modes, from 5v5 for large parties over 3v3 matches to a 1v1-mode for small rounds among friends.

The gameplay time for each mode won’t usually last longer than 10 minutes and is perfect for a gamers’ daily commute to to school or work, or to play during a lunch break. The starting line up of heroes is very impressive with more than 42 heroes available, be it marksman, tanks, assassins, mages or warrior. Players can look forward to the list of heroes being continuously extended.

On the community side, Arena of Valor makes sure to deliver a true MOBA-experience. Players will be able to match up in real-time with gamers from all around the globe,or just invite their friends to form victorious alliances and battle their way up to the top of global ranks. All this is enhanced by a first-class soundtrack from the master of soundtracks, Hans Zimmer himself.

The best part however : Arena of Valor is all about a gamers’ skill. The developers at Tencent aimed to create a MOBA in which the prowess on the battlefield will decide the outcome of a game, instead of the amount of money invested. Thus the majority of available heroes are unlockable via in-game currency, to be earned by playing the game and completing quests.




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