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Simraceway is a Realistic Racing MMO Game with realistic control and physics.

Simraceway impressed me from the first moment I press the acceleration key of my racing car, i have not felt that sensation for a long time, yes! at last a game so realistic that feels like it would take more than a simple ordinary mortal human to control it. Now, do not understand that you can not control the car with the keyboard, but it is recommended to have a steering wheel with acceleration pedals present.

The graphics are decent maybe too faded in the distant areas of racing route. Also the trees does not look too good, they not seem to have even a one polygon. The asphalt and grass next to the racing track itself visually looks good with detailed textures, it's normal it looks like this since during a race they are the only graphics you will noticed.

Simraceway has not many game modes to choose it is based almost entirely on pure pleasure to race and drive. The game has some options for fine setting of the car but default options are satisfactory so I did not needed to change them.

Overall a raw games of racing without ridiculous and pointless options to customize the appearance of the cars, which will satisfy all hardcore racing lovers.



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