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Last Hope Sniper Zombie War
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Last Hope Sniper Zombie War is a Free Android , First-Person Shooter Multiplayer Game featuring different enemies like zombies, raiders and others!

No one knew where you came from. Maybe not even you. What you know is that you are the best. The best Sniper, the best zombie killing machine!

Wandering the desert for who knows how long, you are now ready to fight for those who cannot fight. To protect those that are weak, and to help build a better world. And clear the zombie menace from this fine city once and for all.

It will not be easy! Only you can write your own destiny in this epic zombie sniper adventure!

Game Features :

- Exciting Story (new chapters added continuously)

- Lots of different enemies like zombies, raiders and others!

- Epic bosses and epic battles

- Amazing Bullet Cam

- Physics on all enemies

- Advanced environment traps

- More than 10 skills and new ones added all the time!

- Upgradeable zombie killing weapons




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