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OCATSTRA is a Android Free to play, Role-Playing RPG , Multiplayer Game featuring diverse Cat types and skills .

- Revolutionary Mobile Game! Smart Control!

Control the cats to attack and defend~!

Demolish the enemies with simple control!

- Magician's conducting skills! 21st century's new Maestro!

Utilize various conducting skills to grow stronger together!

Enjoy the simple yet flashy conducting skills!

- The Butler's chores continue even in mobile!

Important to take care of cats not only in battle but at all times!

Level up the cats by feeding them fishes caught in Fishing Ground!

- Diverse Cat types and skills

Meet over 100 diverse types of cats!

- Diverse Contents for hours of gameplay!

I'll be the No.1 Cat! Arena!

In need of special rewards? Let's set out on an Expedition!

Catch Moles for Musical Notes! Catch Mice for Gold!

Cats love high places! Ancient Tower!




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