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CTRacer Season 2
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CTRacer Season 2 is a 3D Racing MMO Game featuring arcade gameplay.

CTRacer Season 2 is a racing game with strong arcade inclinations, is not a bad thing to be focused on arcade gameplay but there are many players who miss a minimum of realism especially in racing games what can i say's by a visual car damage sistem ? it completely missing. And do not forget, somehow about the outdated and stern deplorable graphic of the game, appearances are saved by the acceptable soundtrack. I want to feel the rubber from the wheels cornering to see her drifting in realistic manner or to could feel its physical weight, but noo instead I have a colorful box with wheels to be accelerated and that's all, it's disappointing on several levels if such a thing is possible.

The game has its small good parts such as the ability to take quests, a large enough map and varied cars. The cars can be customized but do not expect too many customization options, anyway they do not seem to influence too much the behavior of car only her visual appearance.

Overall CTRacer Season 2 can hardly be a decent recommendation for playable game on planet Earth but who knows ... maybe there are weird players to like this game but I em certainly not one of them.


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