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Football Empire
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Football Empire is a Android Free to play, mobile Strategy Multiplayer Game .

The mobile game Football Empire offer a unique mix of football manager and building strategy games, giving all soccer fans new opportunities for soccer simulation. In the game itself, the team facilities form the starting point of the game activities. The entire property can be designed freely, similar to strategy games or development simulations. The goal is to develop the most successful soccer team in the world and create your own personal empire.

So, in Football Empire, not only do you take on the role of the manager, but you are also responsible for the entire club premises later on:

- Turn an abandoned urban space into your very own Football Empire

- Unlock increasingly better formations

- Utilise secret tactics wisely to gain an edge over your opponents

- The choice is yours: another round of training, or have your players earned a relaxing day off in the sauna?

- Play friendlies against friends or players all over the world

- Upgrade your club's level and unlock an increasing number of items




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