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DragonSoul is a Fantasy Role Playing MMO Game focused on PvP, set in a mysterious world inspired by Asian mythology.

DragonSoul is a game that improves more than it innovates the genre, everything else player will find is pretty standard from a Role Playing MMO Game and all gamers will immediately feel comfortable with moving around and accomplishing tasks or doing quests. The combination of the two gameplay elements make it stand out, not inclination for battles player versus player (PVP) no,it is about the possibility to use autofight systems to level up and the auto finding the path to quests and back to where was given the respective quest without having to remember all sorts of complicated ways on entangled maps. I know that they have been used in other games but here in DragonSoul they are much easier to use and it really works, is a pretty big achievement to manage to have it all in one game and they work perfectly even in Open Beta stage.

Improvements would have been possible to graphics of the game which it is average with textures a little bit common and lacking originality, especially those chosen for the trees that tend to banal.

I could continue with the gameplay elements but they are standard so I will going, directly to the final conclusion. DragonSoul game, overall is a good quality game that you should not be miss and deserves to be played, especially because it have one of the most successful mix of fantasy elements from the gaming industry.



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