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RENATIONS Online is a Browser Based strategy MMO Game set in a post apocalyptic world.

The Story: - „In the year 2012 a great breakthrough was achieved at the particle accelerator in CERN and with it followed a golden age of science. In this golden age a secret institute successfully created the first time machine. But as mankind embarked on its first journey through time, great consequences followed. The power source that sent the time machine forward in time exploded in a massive explosion. This is known as the Great Disaster, thirteen cities were destroyed in a blink of an eye and it created fear all around the globe. It was then a secret society saw their chance to fulfill their plan and by turning nations against each other, the world got engulfed in a nuclear war. Soon the smoke from the atomic bombs blocked the sun and a nuclear winter began. After thousands of years the long winter came to the end and green life started to reappear on the surface of the earth. It was in these times four factions rose to the surface. And as our game begins aspiring leaders from these four factions set out to resettle the earth. But little do they know that there is a darkness looming in this world yet unknown to them.”

What can I say, a very well developed story that continues in the actual game in form of instance. Instance are like quests just it have other name, can be of two types single and multiplayer. A story so very well developed like this is made certainly to try to compensate for the lack of decent graphics, sometimes even succeed but not always.

Gameplay is based on the classic recipe, namely building the city developing cities become stronger and conquer other player, easily and with no innovation or something new to attract the player. In terms of new things to differentiate RENATIONS Online from the rest of the flock I can tell, you going to have a disappointment but at least the game has no gaps (except for mediocre graphics and total lack of sound).

Overall RENATIONS Online is a confusing game with cumbersome interface maybe a more advanced graphics and inspired soundtrack would have saved the game but in its current form it has no chance.


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