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Team Guardian legend of 23 heroes
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Team Guardian legend of 23 heroes is a Android Free-to-play , Action Role-Playing Multiplayer Game .

- MMO style legitimate network Action RPG!

- Diverse game modes that won’t give you a break

1:1 Live PVP System

- Dominate your opponent with your characters by strategizing the battles.

More than 20 different classes for characters.

PVP battle with AI at the 'Forgotten Golden City'

A stronger Giant Boss Raid system

Dungeons other than the Normal Stage includes Escorting, Annihilation, Defense and much more

A sub story mode “Archives” that will add joy and details to the main story.

- Action all in one! Battle Instincts

We bet everything on each characters unique and blazing combos and skill actions!

My own unique Ultimate skills and characteristics.

- Feel the MMO Vibe on mobile through Live community

A Real Time Plaza to chat with other users and exchange information that creates a Live Online Community.

- Guild Coalition Element

Occupy and pillage Guild Mines and for the growth and honor of my guild.




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