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Fleet Glory
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Fleet Glory is a Android Free-to-play , Battleship Shooter Multiplayer Game featuring real-time PvP naval battles .

With its immersive World War II themes, Fleet Glory easily transports players back in time, allowing them to fight with historical warships on classic match maps. Fleet Glory features diverse, challenging classic match maps, and offers more than 100 warships for players to choose from. Players will be able to choose from a wide variety of ships, including a loyal escort Cruiser, a fierce "sea cleaner" Battleship, and a swift Destroyer, as well as many other historical WWII warships.

Game Features :

- Battleships collection, choose the strongest warship of your own.

Multiple warships for you to choose: A loyal escort- Cruiser; A fierce “Sea cleaner”- Battleship; A swift pioneer- Destroyer; A fearsome assassin- Submarine; A tenacious “Steel fortress”- Aircraft Carriers;while arranging aircraft you also need to come up with ideas, constantly updating old concepts, with flexible application of tactics helping you to successfully suppress the enemy!

- Enjoy diversity with different fighting modes.

Multiple combat options available: Highly collaborative mode of occupation, an annihilation mode of quick killing action, a hunting model to track and find others, a confrontational model of warfare, with many variety of modes to choose from making sure battle is not boring, so you can enjoy the game!

- Supporting system that make warships more powerful.

Weapon systems allow your warships to vary it's attack, enjoy a sense of fun and shock; The skill system can make your battle style more varied and enjoy different combat styles; The Member system can make your warship's strength increase greatly, enjoy warship special effect bonuses; The painting system can make your warship colorful, enjoy a variety of battleship painting decals. The accessories system is diverse, so that your warships can stand out in the fierce competition!

- Heros with the Armada together.

Elite players unite together, set up their own invincible fleet, challenge bosses, gain access to a large number of resources, complete resource sharing, and jointly develop their fleets! Compete with players from all regions to win the highest honor of the Fleet Glory fleet!




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