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Trophy Fishing 2

Trophy Fishing 2

Monday, 17 July 2017 13:20 mmoraw
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Trophy Fishing 2 is a Free to play, Sport Fishing simulator, Multiplayer Game featuring beautiful and realistic 3D environment .

Trophy fishing 2 it is a 3D fishing simulator with excellent graphics, sound and entertaining gameplay. It is a game-encyclopedia, which we develop and improve right along. It will please all lovers of fishing and quiet rest, as well as, all who loves excitement, competition and friendly communication.

Game Features :

- Beautiful and realistic 3D environment

- Diversity of game maps and locations

- More than 650 species of fish, carefully selected in accordance with their real habitats

- About 100 different kinds of bait

- 3 types of fishing rods (float, spinning, bottom)

- Wide choice of different rods with original leveling

- Ability to fish by 3 rods at the same time

- Tournaments, competitions and quests

- Over 200 different achievements

- Shop, in-game market, crafting unique baits

- Chatting in a chat room




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