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Nova Blitz is a Free-to-play , Real-time, Trading Card Multiplayer Game, featuring unique real-time turn system .

A fresh take on the TCG genre, Nova Blitz offers players quick games that last less than five minutes. Players simultaneously summon monsters, play Powers, and duel in real time without waiting for an opponent’s turn. To achieve victory, players need nerves of steel, a sharp mind and the ability to mix strategy, tactics, and foresight at a moment’s notice. Combat is instant, intense . . . and vicious.

The universe of Nova Blitz is ruled by the five Aspects of Energy: Arcane, Tech, Divine, Nature, and Chaos. Knowing the differences between them is critical, since each Aspect has its own strengths, weaknesses, creatures, Powers, and optimum playstyles.

Players take on the role of a “Nova” a being capable of wielding the Aspects of Energy. Crisscrossing the universe in search of fame and fortune, the player’s ultimate goal is to compete in the Nova Blitz Championship.

While Nova Blitz keeps some of the more familiar aspects of TCGs (e.g., having players supply enough energy to play certain cards), the game’s unique real-time turn system is the main attraction. Dragon Foundry has created a system that allows opponents to play cards simultaneously. In combat, players also choose their attacks and blocks at the same time which makes predicting the adversary’s moves vital.

- DUEL in a Real-Time CCG

- BUILD the ultimate deck

- COLLECT more than 300 unique cards

- DRAFT a deck to win top prizes

- WIN global tournaments

- NO WAITING: Games are played simultaneously in real time

- QUICK GAMES: Each game takes less than 5 minutes

- SMART PACKS: Your packs contain cards you need

- CROSS-PLATFORM PLAY: One account across Steam, iOS, & Android




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