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Heroes of COK Clash of Kings
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Heroes of COK Clash of Kings is a Android Free-to-play , Role-Playing Multiplayer Game RPG , based on the well known mobile SLG Clash of Kings.

Heroes of COK Clash of Kings is an RPG based on the well known mobile SLG Clash of Kings. As the righteous heir of the throne, you will play as the prince/princess on a journey for revenge. With the company of your loyal heroes, you need to gain support from other forces, strengthen your power, then claim your throne and kingdom. You will have to contend with betrayal, dilemmas, and challenges, but in return, you will gain friendship, family and love. There are many stories in the land that await you to find and experience.

Heroes Companion

King Arthur, Lancelot, Gilgamesh, Thor, King Solomon, Jeanne, Harpy. Form you dream team with your favorite heroes!

Fight with Strategy

Enjoy the classic Semi Active Time Battle system. You can make splendid combat strategies with Heroes with different skills. Also the combat is always fun and exciting!

AR Features

Summon your Heroes to the real world! Feel free to interact with your Heroes wherever you are! Heroes will even start their adventure in the real world in the future game!

Unique & Diverse Social Play

Team up to level up and complete missions; you can enjoy the combat while you chat with your friends in the fight.

Stylish Bullet Screen chat, Vertical Screen chat will make your chat full of joy!

Vote for New Plot

Make your story for the game in the official event, maybe you will be the story teller!



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